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We've developed a model that works:




We start with data...


Every leader and their coach are given a series of assessments to determine their learning and leading preferences.  These data form the basis for how we form our groups for bespoke coaching.




Then we train...


Although they are already distinguished leaders in their field, we train our coaches to help them develop the technicals skills needed to be effective. For example: great coaches ask questions rather than answer them.

And we train...


Being transparent about ones' strengths and weaknesses, being open to feedback and maintaining a growth mindset are essential to a successful coaching session. We train our practitioners so that they are in an optimal position to learn.



Bespoke Coaching

Bespoke Coaching

Each participant is paired with a personal coach who has been trained to help practitioners think through their greatest challenges.

Diversity Teams

Companion Teams

Facilitated, small-group meetings of leaders from similar districts who can focus on common issues and “technical challenges.”

Diversity Teams  ​

Diversity Teams

Facilitated, small-group meetings that bring together leaders from a variety of backgrounds to promote “out of the box” problem solving for “adaptive challenges.”

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