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What is the market?


There are over 7,000 active school Superintendents, and 130,000 building Principals in the United States. This does not include other central office leadership positions such as Assistant Superintendents, Directors, Assistant Principals and Lead Teachers. All together, there are well-over 200,000 school leaders.


There are a plethora of distinguished and retired school superintendents and administrators who would be willing to serve as mentors. Although many would offer their support at no cost, the honorarium being offered would significantly increase our selectivity.


LEAD NEXUS program graduates are expected to volunteer to serve as a coach for one year at no charge, making this program sustainable.

Coaching Program cost


The estimated cost to coach one practitioner is only $10,000 per year.


The program is designed to run two consecutive years and each practitioner is expected to provide two full year of coaching to new members upon completion of the program. In the first year, the new coach will receive no payment, and in the second year, the coach will receive full payment at the prevailing coaching rate. LEAD NEXUS COVERS 90%, participants and their districts contribute 5% each. Scholarships to cover the 10% offset are available as needed.

Coaching Costs per session and annual rates
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